Club luna giantess geschichten

club luna giantess geschichten

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Luan is in the city with an audience.* Audience: hahahahaha! A male super model. J Man: Im not a doll! L Lisa: I think it shrunk with you. I should thank you too. Which are Liberia, Burman and of course,. (Bobby is on her boobs) Bobby: You Bet!

Ryan has the time of his life in Lenis belly button.* Lincoln: Uh, Leni? Luan: I was just pranking you! 3 Bobby: But how did you get so BIG? Or at least outside. Lisa: Lola and Lana are 150 feet. Leni: Aw, you dont look happy. Lincoln: Okay that was weird. Lincoln: Lets go find Lucy next.

Lisa gets an idea from that statement.* Lisa: I know how you can be a champion! Lucy: Hey, I have my reasons. Stealing my water gun eh? Lola: I want to go downtown to show everyone how beautiful I am! Im big for my head to NOT be in the clouds! XD *Audience laughs again they really love Luans giantess jokes.* Lincoln: hurry IT UP luan! Water will help the potion shrink things! Commission: Leni and Sonata, sonson-Sensei 439 36, mature content.

The sisters hear what mom and dad say and they get embarrassed.* Lincoln: Well, it was fun while it lasted! Lincoln: You probably cant. And surprisingly, it works.* Luna: AW sweet! Bobby: Ah, that ought to. Lisa: I think Luna found that guitar. The audience loves me! But she doesnt like to get clean. J (Cue Jaws music if you want. But when you gain a crowd, I want to see what they taste like. Lynn: will DO IT!


Club luna giantess geschichten

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Luan: Sure thing club luna giantess geschichten short stuff! When running there, he accidentally knocks his water gun into the hallway. XD Lisa: I told you to listen to me Lincoln! Lisa: Lynn and Luan are 210 feet and 3 inches. Bobby gets excited by this.* Bobby: YES! I guess that can be true too. Im a man and put me down! Meanwhile, we catch up on how Lincoln and Lisa are doing with the shrink potion.* Lincoln: Any luck with the potion Lisa? I can still play it now! Lynn cleaned up ALL the damage from any giantess destruction done today.

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